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Our Combat Hapkido Training Offers Self-Defense Skills For Any Situation

Did you know that 95% of assaults in the United States are carried out WITHOUT a deadly weapon? What are you doing to protect yourself?

At BucksMont Tae Kwon Do, we're committed to helping you stay safe with easy-to-use Self-Defense strategies designed for any real-world situation. We're helping men and women across Hatfield, Lansdale, Souderton, and Montgomery Township master the art of Combat Hapkido - and get fit in the process. Are you ready to get started?

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What Is Combat Hapkido And Why Is It Great For Self-Defense?

This system is known as the "Science of Self-Defense" because, well, it's built on highly-effective strategies and scientific principles. 

At BucksMont Tae Kwon Do, we're not trying to bog you down with long, drawn-out strategies for a real-world altercation. Instead, we're equipping you with simple, to-the-point Self-Defense tactics that are efficient and effective in any situation.

We're helping people in Hatfield and Lansdale:

  • Improve their situational awareness 
  • React to a threat at a moment's notice
  • Maintain a clear head in high-stress situations
  • Act with power, speed, and precision to defend yourself and your loved ones

PLUS, You'll Take On A Total-Body Workout In The Process

You can't be out of shape and expect to defend against a real-world threat. Our Self-Defense Classes can also help you burn fat and build strength as you learn the art of Hapkido. We'll keep your heart racing from start to finish and keep your body guessing with new challenges each and every class. 

This training at BucksMont Tae Kwon Do is great for all experience levels. We'll meet you where you are and help you improve one step at a time.

Get started today and take on: 

  • Dynamic athleticism
  • Sustainable strength gains
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Better coordination and agility

Check It Out Today! Our Self-Defense Classes Have Something For Everyone In Hatfield, Lansdale, Souderton And Montgomery Township!

Don't get caught off-guard in a real-world situation. We're helping people in Hatfield and beyond defend themselves with the cutting-edge art of Combat Hapkido.

Join us at BucksMont Tae Kwon Do today for the best Self-Defense classes around. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!


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