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  • Martial Arts - The Secret To Developing Athletic Skill at Any Age

    Martial Arts - The Secret To Developing Athletic Skill at Any Age

    An athlete is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.” Athletes in specific sports train to be at the top of their game, but how much better of an athlete would they be if they had a well-rounded cross training program? For years, martial arts has been viewed more as an “art” than a “sport.” And while, there is much beauty in it, there is also a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that go into the training. However, that is the part that the general population does not see. Training in any form of martial arts is rigorous and is, by far, one of the ....

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  • Realistic Behavioral Expectations What to Expect from 10 to 14-year old’s

    Realistic Behavioral Expectations What to Expect from 10 to 14-year old’s

    The tween and teen years often feel to parents and teachers like they are back at the “terrible twos” stage. The challenges of working with children at this age can be frustrating. They are very smart but their emotions are all over the place. This can make it difficult for adults to be patient and allow them to work through this process. Knowing what to expect, though, it key in helping everyone get through this transition. Children ages 10 to 14 years old are highly intelligent. They are even smarter than most adults! These tween/teen years are a time when they begin discovering more of who they are and where they fit in. They are gaining more control over their growing ....

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  • Back To School Tips for Parents

    Back To School Tips for Parents

    Summertime is coming to an end, and with that comes all of the back to school anxiety and jitters that are common amongst children. Your child may experience common physical effects of anxiety associated with back to school time including symptoms from stomach aches to sleeping problems. They will also experience emotional stress from the fear of making new friends, meeting new teachers, fears of being bullied, the pressure of making good grades, and worries of being unpopular. With that said, it important for parents to first remember that these physical and emotional feelings are very common, and even the most well-adjusted kids are bound to feel some sort of pressure when they return to ....

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  • When You Hear "I Stink At This" - Consider This . . .

    When You Hear "I Stink At This" - Consider This . . .

    Teachers are seeing more and more children challenged to deal with the normal frustration that comes from learning. It seems that kids expect that they must be "perfect" from the beginning. If they can't be, then you hear, "I can't do it." Or, "I stink at this." It's heart-breaking. We like to remind them that they ARE doing it, but at the beginner level. If you or your child struggles with perfectionism, this may help. There is a need to re-program the thinking that comes from their perception that they must be good at everything at all times. Embrace failure! Celebrate it! Because you cannot achieve success without a series of fails. When learning, we will make mistakes. Why do our ....

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  • Today is a Great Day!

    Today is a Great Day!

    "They say you only live once. I don't believe that. You only die
    once. You have a chance to live
    every single day." John Feal, 911 First Responder I think about this quote a lot since I first heard it about a year ago. Yesterday is done, and we are not promised tomorrow. Every day, we have 86,400 seconds, and the clock is always ticking. When it stops, game over (for us anyway). Then our legacy is the mark we left on the world. The questions we ask ourselves are what guide our thinking. The brain will always seek an answer. So if ourchildren ask, "Why am I so stupid?" their brain will look for an answer even if it is an irrational question. So instead of asking why theycan't,they can ....

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  • Tips For Responding to "Negative" Behavior

    Tips For Responding to "Negative" Behavior

    5 Tips That We Use in the Dojang To Put "Negative" Behavior into Perspective As seasoned" Pediatric Ninja Specialists", we have witnessed just about every sort of behavior and outburst from working with hundreds of kids over the years. We have seen it all from playful name calling to angry tantrums. Some things are hard to not take personally, but our experience allows us to put things into perspective so that we may have the opportunity to use this as a moment of learning. If you ever thought: “You are making me so mad!” “Can’t he/she see this hurts my feelings?” “I can’t believe he/she is so ungrateful!” Don’t feel too bad because ....

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  • Hatfield Area Parents - A Tool for Improving Your Young Athlete's Performance

    Hatfield Area Parents - A Tool for Improving Your Young Athlete's Performance

    Imagine your child on the field running quicker than ever before, outmaneuvering all opponents, and having the confidence to overcome every obstacle! Today I’d like to talk about the benefits of supplementing youth sports with martial arts training! Before we can, we must overcome the first challenge standing between your child and the achievements listed above. Martial Arts instructors from around the nation often notice a trend revolving around youth sports. Children and Parents often jump the gun and switch from one sport to another, sometimes putting a hold or quitting martial arts training altogether. It is easy to see why: “Transportation is hard”, ....

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  • Teaching Our Kids to Stick With Things

    Teaching Our Kids to Stick With Things

    Hey Parents! Today I’d like to talk about tough situations, struggles, failures, and the importance of following through in a manner that promotes growth in children. When things get tough for our kids the two most common ways parents handle these situations is to either swoop in and be the hero or to leave them to “figure” it out. This could mean doing their homework for them, not pushing them to get back up on that horse, or allowing them to quit a sport/activity that they love simply because they have hit a roadblock. The issue is that in most cases both of these choices rob our kids of the chance to learn, overcome, and become a stronger individual. So how can we ....

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  • Montgomery Township Area Martial Arts School Discusses Anxiety

    Montgomery Township Area Martial Arts School Discusses Anxiety

    For the past nine years I have been a full-time martial arts instructor. A sizable percentage of my students (of all ages) struggle with anxiety. In addition, I have loved ones who live with General Anxiety or Social Anxiety. I have had my own challenges in the past. In sum, it is fair to say I've had the opportunity to coach several hundred people, including myself and those closest to me. We all feel anxious SOMETIMES. That feeling can range from butterflies in the stomach to sheer panic. In real life, it is extremely rare that we are in true panic situation. But our bodies still resort back to what we need to do if being chased by a saber tooth tiger or woolly mammoth. In modern ....

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  • Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults, by John Whyte, MD, MPH

    Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults, by John Whyte, MD, MPH

    This blog, I am re-posting an article I found on WebMD by Dr. John Whyte, a Board-certified internist. He interviews Michael Jai White, who you may know from the movies. He holds Black Belts in multiple martial arts. Master White discusses how martial arts like Tae Kwon Do can reduce stress for adults, and the importance of finding the right school. To him, and us, this means an affiliation with a national or international sanctioning body to ensure the legitimacy of the school outside of the school itself. Enjoy! If you’re looking for a way to get fit, reduce stress, improve your focus, and lower your risk of certain diseases, you may want to consider martial arts. ....

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