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Parents' Role in Zero-Tolerance Policies


Hey Parents:


I want to share some valuable information that I hope that you will share with your children. If you disagree with me, let me know. I’d like to hear from you.


We teach kids how to defend themselves. As part of that, we instruct them to walk away from confrontation when they can. When they can’t, do no more than is necessary to control the situation. It is important that they control their emotions and call on their skills to protect themselves if, and when necessary.


Zero-tolerance policies that exist in many school systems have wonderful intentions. If you fight, everyone gets in trouble. Here is the problem with that. The “frequent flyers” in the principal's office do not care so much about consequences. I know of several children who allowed themselves to be beaten up (in one case by two girls in a bathroom) because they were afraid of getting in trouble.  She could have defended herself, but she didn’t want to be suspended.


Our kids need to hear from parents that nobody has the right to put their hands on them. Avoid fights. Walk away. But if they can’t, they need to know that they have your permission to defend themselves with control. Tell them you will manage the consequences with the school. “Zero-tolerance” is getting good kids hurt. One child told me he is not allowed to put his hands up (open palm) to defend himself. I asked if he is supposed to get hit, and he said, “Yes.”


Perhaps they will be suspended, but the principal will know who the good kids are. A suspension beats a bloody nose. Just let them know you have their back. They need to hear that from you, because they are not going to hear that at school.


At BucksMont Tae Kwon Do, we provide the tools to give your children the confidence to handle confrontation. Moreover, we emphasize integrity and the principles to understand how to use martial arts to avoid fights. Learn more at  Check out our online specials for our 6-week trial program. See you in the dojang.

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